– please unzip the application and run the software from the folder , not run the software from the winrar or winzip.

– Please install VS c++ 2015 x86 from here:

– if you have windows 7 you must have service pack 1 already installed.

– if you have windows 7 you must install internet explorer 11 for windows 7 from here :

– download and install dot net framework 4.6 from here :

– please install all windows updates.

– try to stop or remove any proxy connection.

– if not work , try to disable startup programs

– if not work , try to change your system language to English.

– delay secs min = the minimum time that the program waits before posting in seconds.

– delay secs max = the maximum time that the program waits before posting in seconds.

the program before posting wait a minimum time chosen at random between min and max delay.

sleep secs = the time the program pause posting after a number of posts successes (after posting).

– after posting = the number of post acts before the program pause posting for sleep secs.

– post with api = our program post with a facebook application like Graph Api Explorer
– post like human = our program open open internet explorer in hidden mode and navigate to group page on facebook and write your post and post it , like you who are posting and not a program.